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Understanding Pay Per Call Marketing

Newbies in online marketing have yet to familiarize themselves with pay per call marketing. Those of you who know what the yellow pages are for should now be able to guess what pay per call marketing does. So just like that business directory that is printed on a yellow colored paper, the latter makes businesses visible and reachable to people who are in need of their products or services. The only difference is that the latter is online while the former is an actual book that you can hold.

Now you would want to know how pay per call marketing actually works. Put yourself in this situation. You’ll be assigned with a traceable affiliate number through which callers need to go through in order for them to get connected to a certain call center. Commissions are at stake each time a caller is connected to a call center. There is one condition, though. Depending on the advertiser, you will be paid if the customer, your referral, stays on the call for X amount of time. Your referral does not need to buy anything for you to get paid but it is important that he or she stays on the line for a specific duration. Commissions are high but it depends of a number of factors such as the location of the caller, the product that is being offered, the threshold you are required to meet and etcetera.

Is it worth paying that high for the advertising company? That is because there is a high probably of conversion with phone leads. This is a much better way of connecting sellers or advertisers directly to prospective buyers or markets. Company’s are willing to pay high for those who can send traffic to them directly so they won’t have to find or attract traffic themselves. As the person in between, typically, you need not talk to any person. You simply refer them to the call center and hope that they stay on the line long enough for you to get paid.

Meanwhile, the advertiser enjoys plenty of benefits. It is a fact that this is a cost-effective online marketing initiative. There is a huge likelihood of conversion because the connection to the prospect buyer is direct. IN other words advertisers see more sales in this scenario. And, there are plenty of other benefits more.

So that is the beauty of pay per call marketing. This ensures that advertiser is directly connected to the right callers. There are fewer costs incurred because it can be done online and through phones. This gives affiliates better income earning opportunities. To get started, an affiliate simply needs a pay per call marketing campaign that has been set up correctly. This in turn ensures that you get paid with every qualified call. To get more information on pay per call marketing, check this out.

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